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1.0 Purpose


Kane County Digital Submission requires specified format of all digital data submitted in accordance with section 500.d.3 of the Kane County Stormwater Ordinance which calls for plats to be submitted for new subdivisions over 20 acres to be compatible with the County's Geographic Information System (GIS). It is the intent of these requirements to:


1.)     Assist in the implementation of the County's GIS with the inclusion of new development parcels requiring building permits and other services related to the associated public improvements made to the new subdivision.


2.)     To provide digital data in a format that will be used by the Kane County Assessors office to create records required by the State of Illinois for taxation purposes.


3.)     To provide data that meets accuracy standards required for new parcels consistent with the County's geodetic control network.


4.) To provide information necessary to maintain the County's centerline datasets used by public safety agencies, transportation officials, and the public.

2.0 Geodetic Control


The State of Illinois and Kane County have placed 62 new monuments in the year 2000.  The State of Illinois installed 11 of these monuments along State roadways located within the County while the County's 51 monuments were strategically placed along County roads or other County property. This will provide a grid network that will facilitate GPS surveying methods.


The 62 monuments are recorded to 1st order accuracy and are calibrated to the North American Datum 1983. The monumentation is bluebooked (published) with the National Geodetic Survey (NGS), which is accessible on the Internet at http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/.


For more documentation of the County's Geodetic Control network see http://www.co.kane.il.us/Geodetic/kanegps.htm.

3.0 Data Formats


In addition to the final as-built plans submitted in hard copy format a digital data file of the final as-built plans shall be provided to the County in one of the following formats:


         DWG (AutoCAD format)

         DXF  (AutoCAD ASCII drawing exchange file)

         DGN (Microstation Design format)

         ESRI Personal Geodatabase

         SHP (ESRI ArcView format)      


An accompanying ASCII text file shall be included that describes the Layers along with the Layer Numbers or Layer Names in the digital data file.


All digital files shall be mapped to scale and submitted to the county on 3.5" floppy disk or CDROM.

4.0 Data Layering Requirements


In order to evaluate the accuracy and promote the efficient use of the data in the County's GIS, digital file layering must be established in the files that allow unique element types on separate layers. No formal layering scheme is being employed.  However the following elements must be on separate layers:


County Line

Surface Water Line

Township Line

Surface Water Name

Section Line

Railroad Centerline

Road Centerline

Railroad Row

Road Row

Railroad Name

Road Name

Railroad Dim

Road Dim

Condo Name

Lot Line

Sub Line

Lot Number

Sub Name

Lot Dim

Misc Line

Easement Line

Misc Text

Easement Text


Pavement Line & Pavement Striping


Note: For ESRI formats; the Layering Requirements refer to a Layer or Level field in the attribute file of the digital data file.

4.1 Annotation


Annotation submitted digitally shall be identical to the annotation submitted on the mylar hardcopy filed with the Kane County Recorder Office. All other miscellaneous annotation and information such as north arrow and scale, shall be put on separate levels or as Misc Line/Misc Text.

4.2 Private Utilities


Private utilities such as gas, phone service, electric etc will be accepted for any development but shall be clearly labeled and put on separate levels or as Misc Line/Misc Text.

4.3 Adjustments to these requirements


Kane County may wave or adjust requirements specified herein, upon a finding that the strict adherence of the requirements does not apply or is contrary to the long-term maintenance of the GIS of Kane County.


5.0 Contacts


Digital Submissions should be sent to:

Kane County Water Resources

719 Batavia Ave.

Geneva, IL 60134

(630) 232-3497


Questions regarding the requirements listed here:

Kane County GIS-Technologies

719 Batavia Ave.

Geneva, IL 60134

(630) 208-8655



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