Mr. Steve Coffinbargar
Assistant Director of Transportation

Kane County Division of Transportation
41W011 Burlington Road
St. Charles, IL 60175
Ph: 630-584-1170
Fax: 630-584-5265
Project Details
Project: Longmeadow Parkway Toll Bridge Maintenance & Operations Study
Date Posted: 9/22/2017
Limits: over the Fox River
Service Type: Planning
Project Scope: The work will consist of determining the costs of future maintenance and operations of a tolling facility for the Longmeadow Parkway Bridge over the Fox River.
Firms Contacted: 143
SOIs Received: 5
Short Listed Firms: Jacobs Engineering Group Inc - 90.00
AECOM Technical Services, Inc. - 89.00
Parsons Transportation Group (Parsons) - 78.00
Firm Selected: Jacobs Engineering Group Inc
SOI Document(s): Request for SOI LMP Toll Bridge Maintenance and Operations Study

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