Mr. Steve Coffinbargar
Assistant Director of Transportation

Kane County Division of Transportation
41W011 Burlington Road
St. Charles, IL 60175
Ph: 630-584-1170
Fax: 630-584-5265
Consultant Selection
Date PostedProjectFirm Selected
04/06/2020 On Call Environmental Services Huff & Huff, Inc.
03/20/2020 Bliss Rd over Lake Run Drainage Ditch None
03/03/2020 Burlington at Bolcum Rds Recon and Intersection Improvement None
02/21/2020 Dauberman Road - Meredith Road Realignment  
01/31/2020 Harmony Road Culvert Replacements SPAAN Tech, Inc.
01/30/2020 Plank Road/Montgomery Road HSIP  
01/24/2020 Comprehensive Generator Replacement Services Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
01/10/2020 Comprehensive Road Impact Fee Update Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
12/16/2019 Longmeadow Parkway _ west of Sandbloom Rd to IL Rte 25- C2 Alfred Benesch & Company
12/10/2019 2020 Structural Services Michael Baker International, Inc.
12/09/2019 Septic System Relocation None
10/03/2019 Phase 3 Close Out V3 Companies, Ltd.
09/04/2019 Randall Road CDM Smith
07/23/2019 Randall Road Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
07/23/2019 2019 On-Call Engineering V3 Companies, Ltd.
07/11/2019 Elgin Estates Road & Curb Restoration Chastain & Associates LLC
06/28/2019 Randall Road Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
06/14/2019 2019 Traffic Count Data Collection Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.
05/17/2019 Randall Road at IL Route 72 Intersection Improvements Bollinger, Lach & Associates, Inc.
05/03/2019 Silver Glen at Randall & Main at Nelson Lake Intersection Improvements Lochner
04/25/2019 Randall Road Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc
04/01/2019 Harter Road Culvert Replacement Primera Engineers, Ltd.
02/22/2019 Building A Architectural Services ESI Consultants, Ltd.
02/07/2019 Randall Road over Mill Creek ESI Consultants, Ltd.
01/24/2019 Fabyan Parkway HR Green
01/23/2019 Toll Bridge Operations Support Services Stantec
12/28/2018 Fabyan Prkway over the Fox River Repair and Resurfacing Wight & Company
11/16/2018 2018 On-Call Design Engineering Services Bollinger, Lach & Associates, Inc.
10/17/2018 Orchard Road WBK Engineering, LLC
10/15/2018 Randall Rd at McDonald/Stearns Rd Intersection Stanley Consultants, Inc.
10/15/2018 Randall Rd at Weld Rd Intersection Improvement Bollinger, Lach & Associates, Inc.
10/15/2018 Silver Glen over Otter Creek Bridge Replacement WBK Engineering, LLC
09/07/2018 Rural Street over Indian Creek WBK Engineering, LLC
08/23/2018 2019 Structure Inspections Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
08/06/2018 Kirk Rd -HSIP-IL Rte 56 to Cherry V3 Companies, Ltd.
07/31/2018 2018 Pavement Management Services Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
07/11/2018 Network Operations & Management gba Systems Integrators
07/11/2018 Traffic System Operations & Management Iteris, Inc
06/27/2018 2018 Structural Services Bowman Consulting Group
06/14/2018 Burlington at Bolcum Intersection Improvements Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc
06/14/2018 Kirk at Dunham Intersection Improvements HR Green
05/31/2018 On Call Environmental Services Huff & Huff, Inc.
05/21/2018 Peck Road Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
05/16/2018 Randall Rd-Silver Glen to Countyline Rd-HSIP S3 Alfred Benesch & Company
04/25/2018 On-Call Land Acquisition Negotiator Services Jensen Right of Way Associates, Inc.
04/19/2018 Fabyan Prkwy and Kirk Rd Widen and Reconstruction Ciorba Group, Inc.
04/06/2018 LMP C3- IL Rte 25 Intersection Clark Dietz, Inc.
03/29/2018 Longmeadow Parkway New Bridge over Fox River-C1 Thomas Engineering Group, LLC
03/19/2018 2018 On-Call Traffic/Safety Engineering Thomas Engineering Group, LLC
03/16/2018 2018 HSIP Peralte-Clark, LLC
03/15/2018 On-call Utility Permit Review Services WBK Engineering, LLC
02/12/2018 Harley Road WBK Engineering, LLC
01/29/2018 2018 On Call Material Testing Services Rubino Engineering, Inc.
01/22/2018 Fabyan Parkway from MAin St to Raddant Dr-HSIP V3 Companies, Ltd.
11/22/2017 On-Call Architectural Services Muller & Muller, Ltd.
10/19/2017 Peplow over trib to Virgil Ditch #3 Tecma Associates, Inc.
10/19/2017 Stearns at Randall Stage 5A Intersection Improvement Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
10/19/2017 On Call Land Surveying Services Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
09/26/2017 Building A Air Conditioning System Replacement Farnsworth Group, Inc.
09/22/2017 Longmeadow Parkway Toll Bridge Maintenance & Operations Study Jacobs Engineering Group Inc
08/09/2017 GIS Professional Services HNTB
06/16/2017 Longmeadow Parkway Roadway Widening and Improvement B2 Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
04/27/2017 2017 On-Call Design Engineering Services Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.
04/21/2017 2017 Structural Services WBK Engineering, LLC
04/21/2017 Fabyan over the Fox Stanley Consultants, Inc.
03/22/2017 Muirhead Road over the CN Railroad Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
03/08/2017 On Call Phase III Environmental Services Applied Ecological Services, Inc.
02/22/2017 Kirk Rd HSIP-IL 56 to Cherry Ln Patrick Engineering Inc.
01/13/2017 Price Road over Big Rock Creek Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
10/04/2016 Bliss Road Culvert Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.
07/01/2016 Bliss Road over Blackberry Creek Bridge Replacement Illinois Construction & Environmental Consulting, Inc.
05/16/2016 Longmeadow Parkway-IL Rte 25 to IL Rte 62 Roadway Corridor Construction Alfred Benesch & Company
05/06/2016 Nesler Rd over Fitchie Creek WBK Engineering, LLC
05/06/2016 Silver Glen Rd over Otter Creek Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
04/22/2016 Coombs Rd over IC&E RR Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
02/22/2016 On Call Environmental Services Huff & Huff, Inc.
02/10/2016 Building A Parking Lot Rehabilitation Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.
02/02/2016 Kirk Road and Pine Street / Fermilab Campus Intersection Improvements WBK Engineering, LLC
01/11/2016 Longmeadow Parkway and Randall Rd Widening and Reconstruction V3 Companies, Ltd.
01/11/2016 West County Line Rd over Union Ditch #3 Wight & Company
10/14/2015 Seavey Road over Lake Run Creek WBK Engineering, LLC
10/13/2015 2016 Structure Inspections Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
08/21/2015 2015 Phase-II Pavement Management Services Applied Research Associates, Inc.
08/04/2015 Traffic System Operations Management Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.
08/04/2015 Dauberman Extension TranSystems
08/03/2015 2015 'On-Call' Engineering Services Christopher B. Burke Eng., Ltd.
06/04/2015 Allen Rd over Hampshire Creek V3 Companies, Ltd.
05/29/2015 On Call Negotiator Services American Surveying & Engineering, P.C.
04/28/2015 Longmeadow Parkway-Huntley Rd to Randall Rd New Construction Bollinger, Lach & Associates, Inc.
03/13/2015 Update of Kane County Long Range Planning Efforts CH2M HILL
02/27/2015 2015 Traffic Count Data Collection Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc.
02/12/2015 2015 On Call Material Testing Midland Standard Engineering & Testing, Inc.
01/30/2015 Randall Road Transit Infrastructure Improvements Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
01/14/2015 Fabyan Parkway at Kaneville Road Hutchison Engineering, Inc.
01/10/2015 Rural Street over Indian Creek WBK Engineering, LLC
12/16/2014 Dauberman Road over Welch Creek Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
11/20/2014 Main Street at Nelson Lake Road Lochner
09/24/2014 Walker Road over Burlington Creek Stanley Consultants, Inc.
08/22/2014 Stearns Road at Randall Road Lochmueller Group
08/22/2014 Randall Road at Weld Road HDR Engineering, Inc.
07/09/2014 Geographic Information Systems GIS Solutions Inc.
07/07/2014 Fabyan Parkway at Kirk Road Thomas Engineering Group, LLC
05/15/2014 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integration to  
05/15/2014 Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT) Project - Randall Road TranSmart Technologies, Inc.
05/08/2014 2014 Structural Services #1 RS & H, Inc.
04/22/2014 Bunker Road Extension WBK Engineering, LLC
04/22/2014 Bliss Road and Fabyan Parkway at Main Street Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
03/26/2014 On-Call Professional Services for Building Roof Maintenance STR Building Resourses LLC
03/12/2014 Randall Road Safety Improvements Hanson Professional Services Inc.
02/26/2014 On-Call Land Survey Service Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
02/03/2014 Stearns Road ITS Improvements Ciorba Group, Inc.
01/22/2014 Randall Road (Hanson Bridge) over Tyler Creek, UPRR, Metra, and CPRR OMEGA & Associates, Inc.
01/03/2014 Ride in Kane Program Assessment Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
12/19/2013 Bliss Road over Blackberry Creek WBK Engineering, LLC
11/07/2013 Tanner Road over Lake Run Creek Hutchison Engineering, Inc.
11/07/2013 Thatcher Road over Virgil Ditch #1 STV Incorporated
10/31/2013 LaFox Road over Mill Creek Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
10/21/2013 IL. Rt 47 at Bliss & Wheeler Road Engineering Enterprises, Inc.
09/11/2013 Highway Safety Improvement Project - Randall Road V3 Companies, Ltd.
09/05/2013 Jericho Road over Blackberry Creek Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
09/05/2013 French Road over Burlington Creek TranSystems
09/03/2013 On-call Traffic Engineering Assistance TADI
07/31/2013 Kirk Road at Douglas Road Graef-USA Inc. (GRAEF)
05/20/2013 Randall Road over Metra, IC&E, UP, and Tyler Creek HR Green
05/17/2013 Peplow Road over Trib. to Union Ditch No. 3 WBK Engineering, LLC
05/17/2013 Walker Road over Burlington Creek WBK Engineering, LLC
03/20/2013 Plank Rd at Burlington Rd Realignment URS Corporation
03/01/2013 Longmeadow Parkway, Section D, East of IL 25 to IL 62 Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc
03/01/2013 Longmeadow Parkway, Section C, East of IL 31 to East of IL 25 Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
03/01/2013 Longmeadow Parkway, Section B, East of Randall Rd to East of IL 31 Bollinger, Lach & Associates, Inc.
03/01/2013 Longmeadow Parkway, Section A, Huntley Rd to East of Randall Rd Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc.
02/21/2013 Orchard Rd over I-88 Tollway OMEGA & Associates, Inc.
02/21/2013 Keslinger ovr trib to Mill Creek V3 Companies, Ltd.
02/07/2013 Burlington Road at IL 47 - Roundabout STV Incorporated
02/06/2013 Stearns Road Environmental Maintenance Christopher B. Burke Eng., Ltd.
10/29/2012 Seavey Road over Lake Run Creek Wills, Burke Kelsey Associates
10/29/2012 Nesler Road over Fitchie Creek Wills Burke Kelsey Associates
10/26/2012 Montgomery Road C.H. 29 HDR
10/24/2012 2013 Structure Inspections Collins Engineers, Inc.
10/24/2012 Wayside Horn Improvements Hanson Professional Service, Inc.
10/24/2012 Kirk Road over the Union Pacific Railroad Strand Associates
09/04/2012 Traffic System Operations Management Hampton, Lenzini & Renwick, Inc. (HLR)
08/31/2012 2013 Traffic Safety Improvements Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (CBBEL)
05/29/2012 Main Street at Nelson Lake Road SE3
03/24/2012 Geographic Information System Support Services GIS Solutions, Inc.
03/08/2012 Anderson Road-Keslinger Road to IL Rte 38 New Construction HR Green
02/28/2012 South St Trail Randall Road Underpass Civiltech
02/27/2012 Arterial Operations Center Knight E/A, Inc.
02/27/2012 Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) - Software Development and Integration TransCore ITS, LLC
02/16/2012 Structural Services 2012 #1 WBK, Fehr Graham, exp
02/03/2012 On Call Material Testing Program Rubino Engineering Inc
01/03/2012 Hampshire Creek Stream Bank Stabilization Christopher B. Burke Engineering LTD (CBBEL)
12/02/2011 2012 Kane County Highway Safety Improvement Project ESI Consultant, Ltd.
12/02/2011 Stearns Road Smart Corridor Project JACOBS Engineering Group, Inc.
11/30/2011 Fabyan Pkwy at Kaneville Rd Burns & McDonnell
11/22/2011 Plank Road at IL Rte 47 Intersection Improvement Bollinger Lach and Assoc(BLA)
11/21/2011 "On Call" Land Survey Services Trotter and Associates
10/21/2011 Fabyan Parkway at Kirk Road Thomas Engineering
09/13/2011 Kirk and Dunham Road Interconnect Update project Ciorba Group Inc.
09/13/2011 Randall Road at US Rte 20-Foothill Road Intersection Improvement Homer Chastain and Assoc, LLP
09/06/2011 Traffic Engineering Assistance Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
08/29/2011 Jericho Road over Blackberry Creek Wills Burke Kelsey Associates, Ltd.
07/05/2011 Burlington Road at IL 47 Burns & McDonnell
06/24/2011 Illinois Route 47 at Waubonsee Dr Patrick Engineering
06/13/2011 McLean Fen Adaptive Management Program EMAC fka MACTEC
04/25/2011 Allen Road over Hampshire Creek Wills Burke Kelsey Associates, Inc.
04/25/2011 Various Structural Services WBK and Baxter &Woodman
04/25/2011 Orchard Road over I88 STV
04/21/2011 Roadway Improvement Impact Fee Program - Ordinance Update CH2M Hill
03/14/2011 Randall Road at Big Timber Road Gewalt Hamilton
03/14/2011 Huntley Road at Galligan Road CMT
03/01/2011 Traffic Systems Operation Management Hampton, Lenzini & Renwick, Inc. (HLR)
03/01/2011 Traffic Data Collection Gewalt Hamilton & Associate, Inc.
02/10/2011 Umdenstock Road over the CC&P Railroad Bridge Replacement Omega
01/14/2011 Orchard Rd US 30 to Jericho Road Reconstruction Civiltech Engineering, Inc
12/23/2010 Silver Glen Road Bridge Improvements over tributary to S. Branch Otter Creek BLA
12/08/2010 Randall Road Intersection Improvement TranSystems
12/07/2010 Randall Rd over I-88 Bridge Deck Replacement V3
12/01/2010 Big Timber over Tyler and Pingree Creeks Cotter Consulting, Inc.
11/10/2010 Phase 2 - Randall Road Route 529 - Access to Bus Service V3 Companies
10/14/2010 2010 Bridge Maintenance Thomas Engineering Group
08/24/2010 Kirk Road at Douglas Rd Lochner
08/05/2010 Stearns Corridor Landscaping program Hey and Associates
07/27/2010 Huntley Rd and Randall Rd Traffic Signal Innerconnect Project MACTEC
06/24/2010 Skyline Drive over the Lake Marian River Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick
06/23/2010 2010 Culvert Maintenance and Replacements Homer Chastain
05/27/2010 KDOT Building "A", Roof Moisture Collection & Leakage Issue Epstein
05/03/2010 2010 GIS Professional Services GIS Solutions Inc.
04/30/2010 Plank Road Realignment Crawford, Murphy, Tilly, Inc.
02/11/2010 2010 Bridge Maintenance, Group #1 V3 Companies
02/08/2010 2010 On Call Material Testing Contract Midland Standard Engineering and Testing, Inc
01/05/2010 Damisch Rd over Tyler Creek bridge replacement ESI Consultants, Ltd
12/22/2009 2010 Structure Safety Inspections Hampton Lenzini Renwick
11/17/2009 Dunham/Kirk Interconnect & ITS Modernization Jacobs
11/17/2009 Fabyan Pkwy, IL 25 to Nagle Blvd EEI
11/03/2009 "On Call" Land Survey Assistance Hampton, Lenzini, and Renwick, Inc.
10/21/2009 Pavement Management Assistance Applied Research Associates (ARA)
10/08/2009 Randall Road at Foothill/US 20 Ramps HDR
09/03/2009 Appraisal Services Civiltech & Hopkins
09/03/2009 Review Appraisal Services Polach & Tibble
08/13/2009 Traffic Engineering Assistance Services TY Lin International, Inc.
06/16/2009 Keslinger Road Bridge over Welch Creek Collins Engineers, Inc.
05/12/2009 2009 Traffic Signal Operation Management Hampton, Lenzini & Renwick, Inc. (HLR)
04/16/2009 Transit Component of the Kane County Long Range Comprehensive Plan Nelson/Nygaard
03/25/2009 Bowes over Fitchie Creek Bridge Replacement SEC Group, Inc.
02/24/2009 Randall Rd Traffic Signal Interconect-Orchard to Main Hampton, Lenzini and Renwich, Inc.
02/24/2009 Bliss Merrill Intersection Improvement Graef
02/13/2009 Randall Road & Huntely Road Intersection Improvements This project has been deferred from this year's budget cycle to a date to be determined.
02/13/2009 Burlington Road & IL64 Interconnect Delcan Corporation
02/06/2009 Damisch Road over Tyler Creek Bridge Replacement HLR
02/02/2009 Transportation Component of Kane County’s Long Range Comprehensive CH2M Hill, Inc.
01/28/2009 Fabyan Parkway/VanNortwick Ave Intersection STV
01/23/2009 Stearns Road Corridor Construction Observation-contracts 2, 3 and 5 Contract 2 - Christopher B Burke Engineering Ltd, Contract 3 - Bollinger Lach and Assoc, Contract 5 - Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
01/21/2009 Randall/Fabyan Intersection Crawford, Murphy, Tilly (CMT)
12/03/2008 Structural Services #2 Ciorba Group, Inc.; Entran
12/03/2008 Structural Services #3 Robert H. Anderson & Associates; Teng & Associates
11/24/2008 Stearns Road - Contract 4 Omega and Associates
11/24/2008 Stearns Rd Corridor Construction Management Benesch
11/21/2008 Orchard Road Interconnect Delcan
11/21/2008 Randall Road Interconnect CBBEL
11/21/2008 Huntley Road / Galligan Road Intersection Bloom Consultants
11/05/2008 South Street Trail RHA&A
10/10/2008 Stearns AMP Christopher B Burke Engineering LTD
07/08/2008 Randall Road Route 529 Plan CTE Engineers, Inc (EDAW and Earthtech)
05/29/2008 IL 47 Corridor Planning Study T.Y. Lin International and sub consultants (Houseal Lavigne Associates, LLC and SEC Group, Inc.)
05/27/2008 Huntley Road/Randall Road Traffic Signal Interconnect H.W. Lochner, Inc.
05/27/2008 Kirk-Main-Mooseheart Intersection Improvements H.W. Lochner, Inc., HLR, Inc.
04/30/2008 Seavey Road Salt Storage Facility Engineering Enterprises
04/25/2008 2008 Traffic Data Collection Regina Webster & Associates, Inc.
04/04/2008 2008 Structural Services #1 Bollinger, Loch & Associates, SEC Group, Strand & Associates
03/31/2008 Randall Road Traffic Signal Interconnect Ciorba
03/11/2008 Stormwater Engineering Assistance Services Andrews Engineering
02/14/2008 Fabyan Parkway and Settler's Hill Ent. STV Engineering
01/17/2008 "On Call" Material Testing Services Midland Standard Engineering
12/20/2007 (Randall Road/Big Timber) & (Fabyan Parkway/VanNortwick) Bloom Companies, LLC.
12/06/2007 Randall Road Traffic Signal Interconnect HNTB
12/05/2007 Longmeadow Parkway Wilbur Smith Associates
11/19/2007 2008 Structure Safety Inspections Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc. (HLR)
10/23/2007 Traffic Engineering Assistance CEMCON, LTD.
10/23/2007 Traffic Signal Operations Management Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc. (HLR)
10/06/2007 On-Call Land Survey Assistance Hampton, Lenzini, Renwick
09/21/2007 Consultant Intersect, LLC
09/06/2007 Stearns Road, Stage 2 McDonough Associates
09/06/2007 Stearns Road, Stage 3 Alfred Benesch & Company
09/06/2007 Stearns Road, Stage 5 Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
08/31/2007 Fabyan Parkway over Mill Creek Homer Chastain & Associates
08/31/2007 Stearns Road, Stage 1A TY LIN International, Inc.
08/17/2007 Stearns Road, Stage 3 Applied GeoScience, Inc.
07/23/2007 Stearns Road, Stage 4 Baker Engineering, Inc.

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