Budget & Programming


Mr. Thomas Rickert
Deputy Director of Transportation
Chief of Staff

Mrs. Kathy Hopkinson
Chief of Finance

Kane County Division of Transportation
41W011 Burlington Road
St. Charles, IL 60175
Ph: 630-584-1170
Fax: 630-584-5265
Budget & Programming

The Kane County Division of Transportation prepares a budget and Draft 5-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) annually.


The total FY2016 Transportation Budget is $60,461,425 - The Division of Transportation is funded by three property tax levies (i.e. County Highway, County Bridge, County Matching), two motor fuel tax funds (i.e. Motor Fuel Tax and Local Option Motor Fuel Tax), reimbursements and other sources (i.e. State, Federal, Impact Fees, Local, developers contributions, and transfers), and previous year fund balances to include the Transportation Capital Fund. It should be noted that the Division of Transportation budget is not funded through the General Fund of the County.

The FY2016 Transportation Improvement Program is primarily a continuation of the FY2015 Program and includes the following efforts:

  • Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Corridor – Phase II Eng., Land Acquisition and Construction
  • Stearns Road Bridge Corridor – Ultimate Design Projects
  • Various Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement Projects
  • Various Maintenance Projects
  • Various Safety & Traffic Enhancement Projects

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