Mr. Steve Coffinbargar
Assistant Director of Transportation

Kane County Division of Transportation
41W011 Burlington Road
St. Charles, IL 60175
Ph: 630-584-1170
Fax: 630-584-5265

If you missed our Strategies for Success 2017 meeting, held on June 27, 2017, describing our qualifications based consultant selection process, and providing suggestions to improve your statement of interest, proposal documents, and interviews, followed by Q & A, you can view the presentation by clicking here.

Consultant Selection


The Kane County Division of Transportation’s Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) Process provides an efficient and cost effective method for selection of professional services while adhering to state and federal statutory requirements. We feel the process fosters a spirit of openness and fairness while selecting the highest quality professionals for a given project.

The QBS process description document Quality Counts! (link below) includes detailed instructions on how to become prequalified with the Kane County Division of Transportation.

Quality Counts!, Qualification Based Selection Process Description


Consulting firms wishing to perform professional services for the Division of Transportation should first read the Quality Counts! Qualifications Based Selection Process description document (link above). Once you are familiar with our QBS process, you can start the prequalification process by clicking on the KDOTQBS link below in order to register as a new user and upload your firm's Prequalification Document. Please refer to the Quality Counts! document to determine what information to include in your firm’s Prequalification Document and detailed instructions on how to get registered.

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Following the QBS procedures, we initiate a request for consultant services by sending an email asking interested firms to upload a 2-page Statement of Interest via the KDOTQBS database. The first link below provides a summary of current and past advertisements, a list of the short listed firms, which firm was selected, and the status of the County Board approval of each advertisement.

Consultant Selection Summary Table
Report of prequalified firms in KDOT QBS
Firms in KDOT QBS by Qualifications