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Watch Your Signal - Retiming Randall Traffic Signals

​As part of incremental improvements to public safety, many traffic signals along Randall Road, including and between Fabyan Parkway and Silver Glen Road will be retimed to better distributing green time and move traffic more effectively. Specific additional enhancements will be noticed at the following traffic signals:

  • Randall Road and Oak Street
  • Randall Road and Bricher Road
  • Randall Road and WIllamsburg Avenue
  • Randall Road and Fabyan Parkway ​

These additional enhancements will adjust when the left turn green arrow will display to traffic within the signal cycle. Motorists are encouraged to Watch Your Signal more carefully on the week of July 15th, 2019 and thereafter. This change in signal pattern or signal sequence is part of providing more effective movement of traffic along a signalized roadway, such as Randall Road. More information on this improvement can be reviewed within this presentation.

More Flashing Yellow Arrow Improvements in 2019 and 2020

As part of incremental improvements to public safety, many traffic signals will be modified to include Flashing Yellow Arrow signals on Randall Road, Fabyan Parkway, and Orchard Road. To learn more about the improvement, click here​ to learn. To learn more about the specific improvement locations, see our Transportation Improvement Plan document, projects #60 and #61, pages 53 and 54, click here.

View Progress on Longmeadow Parkway's New Bridge Construction

View images showing construction of the new Longmeadow Parkway Bridge over the Fox River here.  Still photos are taken every 15 minutes updating the progress of the project from two different camera angles.

What Does Public Works Mean to You?

Check out this video, published by the Chicago Metro Chapter of the American Public Works Association, which pays tribute to our nation's public works professionals: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLNnSl8EwWs

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