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Mr. Dave Boesch
Chief of Construction

Kane County Division of Transportation
41W011 Burlington Road
St. Charles, IL 60175
Ph: 630-584-1170
Fax: 630-584-5265
Direct: 630-845-7875

Stearns Road Bridge Corridor

The Stearns Road Bridge Corridor was opened to traffic on December 15, 2010. This award winning project includes 4.6 miles of new road alignment that extends from approximately the Kane/DuPage County line to Randall Road, along with a new Fox River Bridge crossing.

Ongoing projects include:

  • McLean Boulevard Fen Restoration – construction of parking lot and paths for public use - contractor must complete punch list items; targeting Spring/Summer 2014 completion date.
  • IL 25/Stearns Road from Dunham Road to New Stearns Road – construction includes add lanes, pavement reconstruction and bridge replacement. Construction is underway with an anticipated completion date of fall/winter 2015.
  • Stearns Road Corridor Natural Area Maintenance – selective weed control, seeding and controlled burning.

Project Overview

Project Overview Image
Project Overview and Breakdown of Staging/Contracts
Stearns Road Brochure

Project Design Report

Design Report
Design Report - Appendix A
Design Report - Appendix B
Design Report Exhibits

Stage 1: Wetland Mitigation

Wetland Mitigation Site Presentation

Stage 4: Geotechnical Reports

Final SGR Fox River Bridge
Final SGR MSE Wall 1
Final SGR MUP Bridge Ramp

Fox River Trolley Museum Plans & Specifications

FRTM Plan Sectionalizer Work
FRTM Plan Trolley Details
FRTM Plan Trolley Feeder Cable Revisions
FRTM Plan Trolley Restraining Systems
FRTM Plan Trolley Wire Elevations
FRTM Specification Bonding
FRTM Specification Sample Plans
FRTM Specification Track
FRTM Specification Working Near Trolley Wire


General Location Map
Environmental Vision Document
Record of Decision
Stearns Road Ribbon Cutting Brochure


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