Traffic Advisories

Using the interactive map below and the table on the right you can obtain Traffic Advisories information for County maintained roads within Kane County. Click on the magnifiying glass icon to zoom to a location or the pdf icon to bring up the Traffic Advisories release.

 RoadFrom RoadTo RoadStart DateEnd Date
Zoom pdf 2015 Kane County ResurfacingVarious Kane County roadwaysVarious Kane County roadways4/20/20158/31/2015
Zoom pdf Anderson RoadPrairie Valley StreetIL Route 386/02/20158/15/2015
Zoom pdf Bliss Road Bliss RoadIL Route 473/23/201512/31/2015
Zoom pdf Empire RoadIllinois Route 47Burlington Road7/06/20159/11/2015
Zoom pdf French RoadLenschow RoadIL Route 725/04/20157/31/2015
Zoom pdf IL 25Stearns Road / Dunham RoadStearns Road / Dunham Road4/01/20148/31/2015
Zoom pdf IL 38Kautz RoadKautz Road4/04/20138/01/2015
Zoom pdf IL Route 38Peck RoadRandall Road4/13/20158/31/2015
Zoom pdf Jericho RoadOrchard RoadBertram Road5/04/20159/30/2015
Zoom pdf Kirk RoadKirk RoadDouglas Road5/04/20158/07/2015
Zoom pdf Kirk RoadIllinois Prairie PathAverill Circle5/04/20157/13/2015
Zoom pdf Kirk RoadKirk RoadIllinois Prairie Path7/13/20157/29/2015
Zoom pdf Main StreetMain StreetNelson Lake Road8/06/201510/31/2015
Zoom pdf Various County RoadsVariousVarious6/08/20158/31/2015
Zoom pdf Randall RoadGlen Eagle DriveKeslinger Drive8/03/20159/04/2015
Zoom pdf Randall RoadGlen Eagle DriveSilver Glen Road4/13/20159/01/2015
Zoom pdf Silver Glen RoadSilver Glen RoadElsner Drive6/08/20158/28/2015
Zoom pdf IL Route 25Stearns RoadIL Route 256/23/20158/03/2015
Zoom pdf Stearns RoadRandall RoadIllinois Route 256/08/20157/13/2015
Zoom pdf Stearns Road Bike TrailIL 25IL Prairie Path4/01/20149/01/2015
Zoom pdf Walker RoadWalker RoadBurlington Creek6/15/20159/18/2015
Zoom pdf LaFox RoadLaFox RoadUPRR Crossing6/22/20159/01/2015
Zoom pdf Brundige RoadBrundige RoadUPRR Crossing6/22/20159/01/2015